Buntin Construction, LLC is dedicated to customer satisfaction and excellence in building technique and quality. Attention to detail and innovation is second to none. The builder being on-site 100% of the time is of the utmost importance, allowing complete control of all aspects of the building process.

Buntin Construction, LLC is a small company by design in order to stay close to each individual project and homeowner. This helps the builder concentrate on the project as it progresses. The builder being on-site 100% of the time helps give customers ease of mind during the process knowing that all situations that arise will be dealt with immediately. Using the latest in building technology and techniques insures your project is completed with the latest in industry standards. There is no job too big or small for Buntin Construction, LLC. From basement remodeling and home additions, to custom homes and light commercial; we do it all and we do it with pride. Taking pride in your work is something we take serious, because it means a lot in today's industry. Working with the best subcontractors the Green Bay and surrounding area has to offer helps assure your project is completed in a timely fashion. We are loyal to our subcontractors because they have proven time and time again to take the same pride in their work as we do. Building or remodeling a home can be a very stressful time, but with Buntin Construction, LLC you can be assured the process will go smooth and it can actually be enjoyable!